The Giao Tong is the Supreme Pontiff of the Cao Dai Church. He is styled as His Holiness and is selected in a special ceremony attended by various members of the Church hierarchy. The most important figures in the ceremony are the 3 Enclave Cardinals. This sacerdotal body visits temples meeting the faithful at a time when the former Giao Tong has died and it is their job to find the child who now carries a special mark making him the Giao Tong. This mark is a blinding light that radiates to the Enclave Cardinals. Once the Giao Tong is found, he is proclaimed Supreme Pontiff and his enthronement begins.

Titles of the Giao Tong Edit

The Giao Tong is styled His Holiness and addressed as "Your Holiness". His full title is; His Holiness, [Name], of the Holy Cao Dai Church, Giao Tong, Emperor of the Faithful and of the Holy See, Most Excellent First Cardinal, Sacerdotal Lord and Prefect, Highest Metropolian and Supreme Pontiff of the Holy and Absolute Cao Dai Church, the Son of the God.

Greeting the Giao Tong Edit

When recieved by the Giao Tong, the faithful kneel and touch their heads to the floor 3 times. When leaving the presence, the Giao Tong will extend his hands (palms downward) and the faithful bow their heads to touch them. Non-Cao Daiists meeting the Giao Tong are asked to bow.